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Goal of the Activity

The aim of the activity was to reinforce the collaboration between our 2 sections. Firstly we wanted to allow our members to integrate, share ideas and learn from each other. Thanks to the collaboration we could plan the trips with the advices of local people, choose the best places and easily use the partnerships of 2 sections. 
Secondly, we also aimed to give a great opportunity for Erasmus students to meet students from different city, share their experience and make new friends. 


The whole project called ESN 3city x ESN Olsztyn Integration was composed of two trips, 1st to Gdańsk for Erasmus students from Olsztyn (22-24.03) and 2nd to Olsztyn for Erasmus students from 3city (19-21.04). 

In Gdańsk Erasmus students from Olsztyn could meet students from Gdańsk and visit together the European Solidarity Center, Aquarium in Gdynia, ZOO, molo in Sopot, and also have fun during City Games or karaoke.  

And in Olsztyn, during the reunion Erasmus students from 2 cities could visit Planetarium, Kortosfera (science center), Warmia Brewery, and participate in City Games or bonfire.  


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