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Objective / Goal of the activity

The objective of the activity was to be telling the cultures of their countries to the various students through a presentation and a debate on Erasmus.


Together with our local representative from genoa we started with 6 of our Erasmus in Genoa at the Liceo Classico Statale Da Vigo in rapallo, province of Genoa.
In the presentation of the "Erasmus in School" project, the Spanish students who accompanied us had

Our local representative, Claudia started by introducing herself and explaining who she is, what ESN is and why she was there at the time to talk to them. In addition, he made a presentation about our work as an association, the main feature of his presentation was that of breaking the ice and helping students interact by asking many questions. It started with questions about "what do they know about the Erasmus project?", What do they know about spain? and the possibility in the future to embark on a study trip abroad thanks to the Erasmus project.

Result of the activity

both our Erasmus and local students were very happy with this experience

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