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Causes covered by this activity
Type of activity
Goal of the activity

- Support mental health of international students during quarantine;

- Promote international students' feeling of security and hope;

- Promote intercultural relationships and sharing cultural experiences;

- Promote mobility exchange among local students;

- Inform about the opportunities of mobility that exist;

- Share personal experiences about mobility programs;

- Inform about the existence of ESN and its aims.

Learning Objective for the participants

We ususally organize this event presencially with this school, but due to covid-19 we had to adjust our ways of working and promoting mobility to the conditions we have now. Therefore, we managed to organize an Erasmus in Schools online, through Zoom. This way we tried to promote the engagement in mobility programs among local students who are between 15 to 18 years old. During this session, we talked a bit about ESN and its aims, the mobility programs that exist and the opportunities there are for them. We brought a few international students to share their own experience in mobility programs and also, two young students from the same school prepared a small presentation about a mobility program they did in Slovenia. 

Result of the activity

The activity went pretty well. The local students engaged in the presentation by asking a few questions and showing their interest in the mobility opportunities. It was also very useful to have the local students testemony from their experience in Slovenia because the young students could identify themselves better with their colleagues. The local students enjoyed the testemony of the international students we took with us, because it's not very common for them to have such a direct contact with international students.  

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