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Las Rozas
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Objective / Goal of the activity

To spend the day in the natural park of Guadarrama, visiting the canal and concerning the people about the importance of keeping open space clean.


On the 9th of February, we went to las Rozas by public transport. There the coordinators from AMMER organisation where waiting for us. We were together through the natural complex of Guadarrama, they showed us the canal and explained the way the canal was built.They concern us about the importance of recycling and to keep the nature as it is.

Result of the activity

Ammer organization were thankful that we went to Las Rozas and we spent the day with them, visiting the park and knowing each other to take part in more activities.Ammer organization is being active just 8 months but we have been talking about future activities to cooperate together. The erasmus were fascinated about the vegetation and the canal.

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