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Objective / Goal of the activity

To watch this documentary together and then to talk about it. How it made us feel, is it still relevant, are the issues of the documentary still relevant in today's world and how are they relevant to us individually and how's the documentary's subject related to issues and situations in our home countries and in our exchange country Finland. 


A documentary screening next Tuesday on the 26th at 5 pm. The event is organised by ESN Uni Turku to raise awareness on multiple gender and sexual identities. 🌈❤


We watched an American documentary film Paris is Burning (1990). It depicts the culture of 1980s New York City drag balls and the African-American, Latino, gay, and transgender communities involved in it.

More about the film here:


We also served warm glögi aka non-alcoholic Finnish gluhwein and piparkakku, meaning ginger bread cookies and some other snacks. 


Result of the activity

The documentary was well liked by everyone who participated. We had deep and thoughtful conversation after it with the students. Participants shared what they thought of the documentary and how it made them feel and what questions did it raise.

We were a small group of people this time, but hopefully next time we will attract more people. We got an idea to have these kind of documentary nights once a month, every time with a different topic!

The place would have fit around 25, but in the end the intimacy of a small group made us really open up and have deep thoughtful conversations with each other. 

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