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České Budějovice
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The main goal of this activity is to show our Erasmus students and other exchange students how we celebrate Christmas. Which food do we eat, which traditions are we doing and what carols are we singing.


Members of ESN VŠTE Budweis prepared the canteen for the dinner. We put tables into the shape of U, put plates, napkins, forks, knives, and cups to each seat. We also prepared a little gift for everybody attending. Little key chain in the shape of bunny. When everybody arrived,the food was served. Potato salad with chicken schnitzel due to being respecftul towards those who do not eat fish or pork. After the dinner we have shown some of our typical traditions for example lead pouring, cutting the apple and making a little boats from walnuts shells. We put candle in the middle of the shell and let float on the water. 

After the event we cleaned up the place, separated the trash into plastic, paper and into waste that could not be separated. We put the tables and chairs into their original place, washed the tables, cleaned the floors and then we put all the decorations into our ESN office.

As last thing we took a group picture together for the good memory of this event.


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