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Silla, Valencia
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Objective / Goal of the activity

What is intended in this activity is to bring to the fourth, fifth and sixth grade primary students the Italian culture and their own Christmas customs because Christmas is


During the morning of December 18, an activity of the ESN Erasmus in Schools project was carried out. Basically, this project consists of visiting schools in or near the city and, during classes, two or three Erasmus students present their culture, customs and country to learn about life outside Spain.Specifically, Marta (as ESNr accompanying ESNenUV), Simona and Giovanni (as students from Italy) have gone to the “Sagrada Familia” school in the town of Silla and have shared their entire morning (from 9 to 12:30) Time with the students. First, at nine o'clock in the morning they have arrived at the school and received the teacher who had organized the activity. Afterwards, they started the activity with a class of 21 students in sixth grade. During recess, the teacher has invited the erasmus and the ESNr to have tortilla sandwiches, and after this they have continued with two classes in the primary school room of 50 students and finished the morning with a class of 22 fifth
graders from elementary school. As the two students were from Italy, both have made a joint speech on the most characteristic curiosities in the first place and then each has particularized their area and customs for Christmas. To encourage the participation of children, students have made a dynamic presentation with questions. Moreover, the students have given pannetone (very tipical Italian Christmas food) to taste to the children. The activity has gone very well in all three classes, thanks to the collaboration of both Simona and Giovanni; Marta as coordinator of the activity, and de Mar as head of the Erasmus in Schools project and intermediary with the school.

Result of the activity

The activity has gone as expected, the teacher has thanked the collaboration and the students have learned a little more about the Italian culture, there have even been students who at the end of the class have asked the students to sign them autographs.

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