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Silla, Valencia
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Causes covered by this activity
Objective / Goal of the activity

What we pretend in this activity is to bring closer to second and fourth degree of secondary students, german and english culture, besides their Christmas costums.


Today, during the morning of 12th of December, it has done an activity of the proyect Erasmus in Schools. Basically, this Project consists to visit schools from the city o near of it and, during the classes, two or three erasmus students present them their culture, their customs and their country. This is know how is life out of Spain.
Specifically, this morning Marta (as a ESNr companion from ESNenUV), Marielle (as a german student) and Mary (as english student) have gone to Sagrada Familia School from the town of Silla and they have spent all the morning (from 9 am to 12 am) with the teenagers.
First of all, at 9 o ́clock they have arrived and Alicia ́s english teacher have received them. Next, they have started the activity with 24 pupils from foruth degree of high school. Then, at 10 am, they have continued with a class from second degree and, after the free time for snack, they have finished the presentation with another class from the same degree.
The presentations have followed this scheme: Marialle has spoken about Germany and her costums (where she studies, what she usually does in her free time, how is her country...) and later he has showed how are Christmas in her country. After, Mary has told how is her life in Winchester and some curiosities from England. Finally, they have played a quiz with the students about both presentations, dividing them in two teams. Both girls have used power point that they had in a USB.
The activity has been very Good in the three classes, thanks to the colaboration of both erasmus students Mary and Marielle; of Marta as coordinator of the activity, and of Mar as head of the Project Erasmus in Schools and intermediary with the school.

Result of the activity

The activity has been like we hoped, the teacher has been very grateful for the colaboration and the pupils have learned a Little bit more of the English and German
culture, even some german words.

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