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Objective / Goal of the activity

The goal of the clothes exchange party was to exchange and reuse clothes, avoid people buying (always) new clothes and donate the left-overs clothes to (a hostel) homeless people.


Students or other interested people could either bring their clothes and children clothes or household stuff (like pots, etc.) beforehand during office hours or at the day of the event to us. Then the coordinators looked at the stuff if it is without stains or holes which is the precondition for the items. Afterwards the person received coins depending on the amount of things the person brought. In the next step the people walked around and could have a look at the other clothes or household stuff which laid on tables in various categories. If they found anything they would like to have they spoke to the coordinators and gave them one coin back. 

Result of the activity

In sum, this event attracted many local participants who did not know ESN before which was a good opportunity to explain them the student initiative. Furthermore a lot of clothes was left over which we could donate to homeless people.

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