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Objective / Goal of the activity

To encourage Erasmus students and their mentors to participate in our local communities live and create a dialogue about cultural differences and traditions 


Christmas tree garden has become a yearly tradition that unifies a lot of different organizations around Klaipėda. During the preparation period, each organization makes a unique Christmas tree that is showcased ( this year from the 6th of December)  in the back garden of I.Simonaitytės library. By participating in this sort of event, we and our Erasmus students, not only have a chance to create a dialogue with our local people about the cultural differences that our students might face but also show that we are open and completely willing to emerge ourselves in the daily life of Klaipėdas community.

Result of the activity

Our students and their mentors had a chance to spend the evening with our local community and talk with them while listening/ singing Christmas carols and drinking hot tea. This not only helped them to spend this evening a bit differently but also opened doors to new people and new opportunities.

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