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Vipiteno (bz)
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Taking the participants to visit the Christmas Markets in Vipiteno and Innsbruck for a memorable day.


We took the participants to visit two cities known for their Christmas markets: Innsbruck and Vipiteno. The chosen mode of transport was the train.

Innsbruck is an internationally renowned winter sports centre. We visited the Christmas markets in the center. Innsbruck Christmas markets take place against spectacular mountain backdrops and combine tradition and modernity, mountain adventure and urban sophistication.🎄
ESN Innsbruck guided us for a city tour.

Vipiteno is the silver town of the Fuggers. We took part in the traditional St Nicholas' parade, that is every year on December, 5th and is one of the most spectacular in South Tyrol.


We came back to Trento late in the evening.

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Social and Cultural Integration in Local Community
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