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To discover one of Belgian student traditions. Drinking and singing at the same time.


The moment you have all been waiting for is here: our next cantus! And not just any cantus, a trailer park trash cantus!! Because there is nothing Belgians love more than getting a reason to be ''marginaal'' (sort of like trashy social outcasts). So how to be ''marginaal'' you may wonder? It's really easy. Get out your inner Geordie, pick your most obnoxious outfit (bonus points if it doesn't match or is bright enough to blind a mate), watch some New Kids and you'll be ready for our trailer park trash cantus. And yes, dressing up is a must! So we'll be providing you with plenty of examples soon ;)

**When?** 6th of December
The doors open at 20:00, first one to be in has the best spots! We start the cantus at 20:30, so make sure you're on time as nobody is allowed in (doors will be locked) after 20:30!

Result of the activity

People learned how this famous Belgian student tradition works.

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