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  1. To have fun bouldering!

Hello everybody! 

This is your opportunity to try bouldering. The bouldering will take place at Trondheim Buldresenter, Thursday 15th of February at 16.50

The total price will be 115 kr which will include the entrance fee (75 kr) and rental of climbing shoes (40 kr). Address: Stiklestadveien 2, 7041 Trondheim 🧗‍♂️🧗‍♀️


Bouldering is a social climbing activity based on free climbing that is performed on small rock formations without the use of ropes. We get to climb inside doors with a safe drop over mattresses. This makes it easier to have a bigger group together, and also means more activity per person 🤩


The payment can be made with card Trondheim Buldresenter. No ESNcard or sign up is needed. Meet us inside at 16:50. 


Trondheim Buldresenter offers a free introduction bouldering course, sign up at this link if you want to join the bouldering course at 17.00 on the 15th of February,


Beginner or a pro? Bouldering is a lot of fun, bring a friend, buddy or come alone, we hope to see you there! 🤗

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