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Social Inclusion

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Cozy Get-To-Know for new Erasmus Students


Saarbrücken, DE

WELCOME to SAARBRÜCKEN! Cozy Get-To-Know for new Erasmus Students   The big adventure semester abroad is coming up and you are completely new to Saarbrücken? You don't know your way around yet and want to get to know other students who are going through the same thing? Then we have good news for you!    

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Education & Youth

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German Slang Workshop with ESN



Na, Bock auf Deutsch Lernen mit ESN? If you didn’t get that last sentence, then make sure to join our first German Slang Workshop on the 30th of June!  

ESN Saarbrücken

Health & Well-being

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AWAKE YOGA with Ananda


Saarbrücken, DE

ESN Saarbruecken presents AWAKE YOGA with Ananda Saturday, June 26th 2021 Starting at 12:30 Uhr in Movimento Studio Saarbruecken according to corona legislation (Saarland)   The current time demands individual and collective change in our behaviour. Thus leading to a growing awareness regarding our body and the environment. Yoga brings us closer to our goals regardless of its physical, energetic or mental nature.  It can help explore the boundaries of your inner and outer world. Allow a gentle expansion of your old structures! You decide how far this change will impact other aspects of your life.   The courses are guides for a conscious way to deal with the present situation and challenges. Each course unit includes body exercises (Asanas), breathing techniques (Pranayamas), meditation and yogic philosophy for a harmonic, healthy and vital way of living.   Physical or online Live with ZOOM  

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Anti-Cultural Shock Evening



Let’s discuss together how coming to Germany surprised you! We all know that each country has its own unique culture, surely it was a cultural shock to some extent.    Share with us what your experience is so far and help each other overcome cultural shocks. We will exchange some useful tips that may help you avoid the cultural shock and we would also like to know what has helped you so far.  

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