ESN Imperial activities

Social Inclusion

Kids doing an activity in a school

ESN Union drinks


London, GB

Further mingle with current, past and prospective ESNers following Erasmus mingle in our SU bars

ESN Imperial

Education & Youth

Volunteering promoting the Erasmus+ program

Erasmus mingle


London, GB

Motivate others to enroll this adventure which will forever be known as the craziest and most fun year of our lives, our year abroad.

ESN Imperial


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Winter Wonderland


London, GB

To explore Winter Wonderland and get the international students acquainted with British Christmas culture.

ESN Imperial

Health & Well-being

Poster we used for the Vegan Dinner - information about the date, location, time etc. is included/ End ID

Vegan Dinner


London, GB

Unfortunately, individuals following a vegan lifestyle or with vegan dietary restrictions are often judged as taking extreme measures. Conversations, including those online, can be generally negative towards vegans, undermining it's health, and other, benefits. This event aimed to raise awareness of the accessibility and fulfilling tasty options that a vegan diet provides, as well as tackling the stereotypes surrounding it.

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