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Education & Youth

Students with electronic devices

Youth work and Recognition of volunteering


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The Local Policy Dialogue's main goal is to discuss in more detail what "youth work" consists of and how we can officially recognise our volunteering work, following specific steps based on the local, national, and international levels.


Education & Youth

Mobility: a career and development path

Mobility: A career and development path

18/06/2022 - 19/06/2022

Athens, GR

Erasmus Student Network Greece is organising a two-day event titled "Mobility: a career and development path", aiming to develop a fruitful dialogue on the benefits of mobility in the pupil's later evolution and life path, especially in employability. The occasion behind the event is the celebration of 2022 as the European Year of Youth by informing the Youth about burning issues, such as Mobility and Employability.

ESN Greece

Skills & Employability

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Karaoke Night by ESN Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki, GR

The goal of this activity was to bring all the Erasmus students together, boost up their confidence and make them feel closer to the local community by socializing and expressing themselves through music.   

ESN UOM Thessaloniki and 2 other organisations

Environmental Sustainability

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Park clean-up


Thessaloniki, GR

clean up one of the mostfamouw spots for picnic in the city get to know each other better get to know a different team (connect your city)

ESN IHU and 3 other organisations


Social Inclusion

Changing the way we see disability

Changing the way we see disability



We were motivated to organize the event because we feel that there is a necessity to change our perspective towards the way we see disability and the way we talk about it.


Skills & Employability

Students raising hands during a workshop

Local Policy Dialogue by ESN HARO & ESN AUA ATHENS "Youth Work, Youth rights & Youth Volunteering"


Kallithea, GR

The goal of this local dialogue was the key purpose of youth work, youth rights and youth volunteering. Where does youth work take place? Volunteerism lets people and communities participate in their own growth. It is important to know your rights so that if people try to take them away you can stop them.  

ESN HARO and 1 other organisation