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Health & Well-being

Students with electronic devices

Dump your worries

25/11/2020 - 07/12/2020


We wanted to create a safe space online, where the students could share their worries, thoughts and whatever weighed on them. 

ESN Debrecen

Social Inclusion

Kids doing an activity in a school

Save the Maffia


Debrecen, HU

Giving a helping hand with the preparations of the cooking for the homeless people.

ESN Debrecen and 1 other organisation


Education & Youth

man standing on top of mountain

Mobility Café Live


Facebook live

The aim of this activity is to promote the Erasmus+ programme among local university students and embrace them to participate.

ESN Debrecen

Education & Youth

Volunteering promoting the Erasmus+ program

Dog walking


Debrecen, HU

We wanted to help the local animal shelter by giving some of the dogs a good round of exercise and taking some donations to them. 

ESN Debrecen


Environmental Sustainability

Students with electronic devices

3X30DebrecenMOB Challenge

16/09/2020 - 15/12/2020


Aiming at active and sustainable modes of transport such as cycling, walking, scootering, using public transportation or increasing the share of car sharing in Debrecen. 

ESN Debrecen



Students with electronic devices

Intercultural Dialogue Online Training by ESN Debrecen


Cisco Webex

We believe it is very important to know the characteristics of other cultures in order to avoid misunderstandings due to cultural differences. Country awareness, country-specific products, services and cultural heritage are an important part of intercultural communication. Our goal was to introduce the topic of intercultural dialogue to our section members, to raise awareness to their preconceptions, beliefs and stereotypes and provide them with tools on how to create a safe environment for international students.  Since we are Buddy Sections with ESN Miskolc, it was a great opportunity for our teams to get to know each other more and discuss the topic together. We had two facilitators, one from ESN Debrecen and one from ESN Miskolc, so they could also gain experience as trainers.

ESN Debrecen