ESN strives for inclusive mobility based on equity and on the needs of each individual. To achieve this goal, ESN has developed its own programmes and projects on the topic, raising awareness among international students and transforming them into more active citizens.


Social Inclusion

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During speedfriending you will be able to get know people through some fun and interesting questions. It's a great way to break the ice and potentially meet your future friends.

ESN Maastricht


facebook cover with the date and the place; the background is a picture of the Green Man Bar

Conversation Tables


Brussels, BE

The goal of the activity is to offer a friendly and casual place for student willing to practise a foreign language, here french. We usually go to a bar to really release us from any schoolar pressure. 

ESN Saint-Louis Brussels

Social Inclusion

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Volunteer Induction Meeting


Bucharest, RO

The main goal of this activity was to welcome the newly recruited volunteers into our section, introducing them into what ESN stands for and our section's activity. Another goal was to foster interaction and socialisation outdoors, in a safe environment.

ESN UniBucharest




21/08/2020 - 22/08/2020

Potenza, IT

The MUSICA SENZA ETICHETTA project aims to promote the cultural and artistic growth of enterprising young people of all nationalities with the aim of becoming more and more rooted in the city and in the social and cultural context of the region. The project includes, as the main part, a musical contest that rewards the best unreleased song of the participants; the prize is the recording of the song and the recording of a video clip of the same. Alongside the music contest, a city bike tour was added with various cultural stops along the way to reconcile the importance of sustainable mobility with culture. The social part was also important with the collection of food to donate to the most needy of the city, a way to raise awareness of the theme of solidarity.

ESN Sui-Generis Basilicata


Health & Well-being

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20/03/2020 - 24/03/2020

Google Hangouts Meet

The goal of our activity is making quarantine fun and productive together. As ESN Akdeniz we wanted to touch our causes as we could do as.We tried to maintain our mental health. Our workshop which is about dealing with stress was made by our student whose profession is psychology. Thanks to our online workshops, our Erasmus students did not feel alone and we all felt like we were still connected. 


Social Inclusion

Kids doing an activity in a school

ISN Committee Market


Wageningen, NL

Have a nice drink with your fellow students and join the committee market to look for a new way to make friends and experience!

ESN Wageningen


Health & Well-being

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Online Salsa Workshop with ESN


facebook and zoom

This salsa workshop was organised in cooperation with a local dance teacher and took place online during the lockdown in Austria. Its goal was to move our bodies and to enjoy a fun dance lesson together. 

ESN Uni Wien

Social Inclusion

On the left: The group is singing Karaoke in Sign language, on the right: the group is miming the song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson

Hands Up with ESN


Vienna, AT

We visited the exhibition HANDS UP in Vienna. HANDS UP is an all year round, interactive exhibition that takes visitors on a gentle, exciting and humorous journey into the world of silence. This journey explores the beauty of Sign Language and the practice of non-verbal communication. The aim of the journey is to reduce the fear of contact with deaf people and to build bridges between the world of the hearing and the Deaf.

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