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Objective / Goal of the activity

- Show international students a bit more of our portuguese culture;

- Promote national visits to other portuguese cities such as Aveiro;

- Promote intercultural dialogue.


We took our international students on a one-day-trip to Aveiro, a smaller but cozy and beautiful portuguese city. We gave them the opportunity to get to know the city and to try "moliceiro" boats, the typical boats from Aveiro region. We also gave them the opportunity to taste the typical sweets "ovos moles" and to learn how to bake them during a workshop. After that we went for a city tour and took the students to Costa Nova Village and its beach for a perfect scenario and beautiful pictures.

Result of the activity

We manages to fill out 2 big buses, which was great! However, the city tour didn't go so great due to rude guides who didn't do their best. But besides that, we had a really good feedback from the Erasmus about this trip. They loved the workshop of "Ovos Moles" and they found the city very beautiful. 

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