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We organised with Spoutnik, student LGBTI+ organization a debate evening about the LGBTI and Queer Culture, the developpement and presence around the world. 

We used our  willing international students to share knowledge and experiences. The activity was opened to everyone so the debate was also for local people, talk and learn together.


We started the activity with a video from AmnestyFrance on Youtube called "Comprendre les discriminations envers les personnes LGBTI" which means: Understand the discrinations toward LGBTI people". It openned the dabate. We talk about what we knew or learn from the video. 

Then the debate went for some times about the situation in France especially for transgender people. It was a lot of information and less of a debate. 

We manege to bring back the topic to an international level with some information brought by Spoutnik (the partner organisation). We had many testimonies of international persons and students who went abroad. 

We also talked about how we can welcome LGBTQIA+ people and make then feel welcomed. 

We ended with a discussion about the fear of going abroad when you are LGBTQIA+ and what you look for to be sure to be safe and happy in your destination.

Result of the activity

For both organisation we were really happy about this night because it allowed us to share our experiences and talk about it. We still have to work on how to make a debate really interactive and encourage people to speak.

We think and hope that international students and locals enjoyed it. Some even came after the debate to thank us for organising this type of activity and asked for more. 

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