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Goal of the Activity

The main goal of the activity was to share technical knowledge about the ESN world and exchange skills within our local members. Furthermore, the event aimed at connecting the newest ESN Rimini members with volunteers who have been in the association for longer time. Last but not least, our purpose was to increase the level of engagement of newbies in local activities as well as in the more challenging and exciting national ESN activities. 


Here the link to our local school wonderful --> Agenda!

The event started on saturday morning and finished on sunday before lunch. The Agenda included team-building activities, workshops on the ESN structure, event managing, partnerships and communication and interactive activities on how to be part of a local ESN board and how to be a local board supporter. We were 20 volunteers, we stayed together in a hostel near the beach walking distance from the city center. We brought our own food to be cooked together and all the materials we needed for the workshops. We hosted an important guest: a former ESN Rimini president from 2019 who told us about the organization of the National Event in Rimini and the beauty about having a signature event for a local section to be held every year.
We ended the school with a morning yoga session by the beach and some final consideration.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Entrepreneurship & Career Development
Foster Active Citizenship & Volunteering
Foster Europe and European Citizenship
Recognition of Skills
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