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Objective / Goal of the activity
  • Make a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle more accessible and understandable for others and thereby making an impact on environmental sustainability (as the vegetarian or vegan diet is more sustainable than an omnivorous diet)
  • show that it is not as hard as one might thing
  • doing an event that explicitly invites vegan and vegetarian students (most other events that include food don't have people with food restrictions and diets in mind)
  • exchange between Erasmus students, Heidelberg students, members of ESN and AEGEE

Participants prepared one meal (starter, main dish, dessert) in teams of two in their homes. They invited two other teams to eat with them. They moved for the other two dishes to another home, meeting with two new teams. In the end everone had three meals, ate at three different homes and met 12 new people. Afterwards, everyone met in a bar, seeing the people they dined with again and meeting the rest of the participants.

The restriction for entrying was that everyone needed to cook a vegetarian dish, meat or fish was not allowed. If people they cooked for had other restrictions (vegan diet or allergies) they also had to provide that.

There was no participation fee but everyone had to pay for the supplies they used for cooking their meal.


Result of the activity

Everyone was very happy, no one complained about the food restriction.

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