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Objective / Goal of the activity

The objective of this activity was to have a friendly competition between Erasmus students and make them learn from the quiz some information either from Greece or from an international level.


We all gathered at the benchmark and separated them into different groups containing individuals from Erasmus, the local community and also from ESN. We then played a quiz created on kahoot and put it on a projector to make it easier to play. The quiz contained various questions about the local community, for Greece but also for the world level. After the game was over we played some drinking games like beer pong and the event lasted until late.

Result of the activity

All the participants got really excited especially with the quiz,they learned information that they didn't know before and also after the quiz ended asked to have another night like this one.

In the drinking game, everyone played with different people and at the end of the night, they got even closer.

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