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Causes covered by this activity
Type of activity
Goal of the activity

- Promote international student mobility by collecting testimonies of previous international students who have done any mobility programs and sharing them with other international and local students.


Learning Objective for the participants

We started this student mobility campaign by collecting testemonies of other international students who have already participated in mobility programs such as Erasmus +, EVS, Youth Exchange, etc. This people volunteered themselves to answer a few questions and make small videos with their answers. After that, we edited the videos and put it together according to the topic discussed. After the first week, we started posting these videos once per week and we'll keep doing that throughout the summer because we believe that now, maybe more than ever, we need to keep the love for mobility programes and promote it among our local and international students.

Result of the activity

It's hard to understand the impact of the campaign because it started recently and it has a long way to go during the summer. However, we are sure about one thing. We lightened up some very nostalgic and happy feelings in our international students simply by asking them a few questions about their mobility programs and by making them remember and talk about their previous experiences again. That's already a great accomplishment!

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