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Causes covered by this activity
Goal of the Activity

The goal of the activity was to improve the skills of the volunteers, training them for a greater good and higher growth in the ESN network.


On these two days, members and aspirants from ESN Messina and ESN Catania spent two days together, putting themselves to the test thanks to fun and interesting workshops held by some members of the network.
It was extremely useful as they encouraged us to collaborate and get to know each other through interactive experiences and simulations. In addition, it was not only training but also pure fun: we danced, joked, laughed and created new bonds. It was a great experience and we hope to organise more and more events together.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Entrepreneurship & Career Development
Foster Active Citizenship & Volunteering
Foster Europe and European Citizenship
Foster Experiential Learning (NFE)
Recognition of Skills
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