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The goal of this activity was to bring all the Erasmus students together and make them feel closer to the local community by expressing  themselves through the music of their country 


Either you sing in the shower or in front of an audience it's a really good way to express yourself. Music lets us connect with each other and improve our mood.

We will sing different kinds of songs that might not be in our language, we will laugh and dance to all of them and why not make this night an integral part in our Erasmus experience because this is what matters in the end.

Join us and don't forget by the end of the night we will all be together and sing the same song ,hanging all together like a family because #WeAreOne

Result of the activity

The participants had a lot of fun, shared some really good memories and tried to learn different songs from other countries.

They met some people from the local community and they told us that they would like to have another event like karaoke.

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