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Objective / Goal of the activity

The goal of this event was to promote social sensitivity, solidarity, community and diversity but also recycling, reusing and socially responsible behavior because the clothes that was worn at the show was used and recycled. The plan was to donate the rest of the collected clothing to the Social Self Service "St.Elizabeth" and to the social cooperation "Humana Nova".




Students of the group who won on the project "Action for 5" in cooperation with the association "Delta" and ESN Rijeka are organizing a humanitarian show aimed at raising funds to equip the "Learning Lab" which is founded by Association "U.Z.O.R.".

"Delta" association  with the aim of empowering citizens to strengthen their influence on social processes. Over time, it has focused on young people, who are its most important beneficiary group, through various programs such as youth empowerment for personal and interpersonal development and contribution to the development of youth areas.

"U.Z.O.R." association is a non-profit organization, which conducts activities aimed at helping, supporting, and protecting vulnerable groups in order to develop a culture of nonviolence, tolerance, social solidarity, health promotion, or a caring society.

The "Learning Lab" is actually a place where children and young people can express their needs, opinions and feelings, but also learn, in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, without fear of criticism, judgment and failure. This room lacks proper furniture, didactic materials, brain teasers, stimulating board games, school supplies, atlases, encyclopedias, computers, a reading corner, carpet, shelves.

The program also included guests active in the field of sustainable development of the apparel industry, including fashion designer Višnja Huljev. The Riperaj KD Purity project was presented as well as the students of the sewing department and designer who will present their creations of "old" clothes.

It was also fundraising event, donations were accepted and donated to the social cooperation "Humana Nova".

Result of the activity

We successfully assisted young high school students in organizing a great event, making a positive impression on the city of Rijeka, promoting environmental sustainability while making funds to the ones in need.

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