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Objective / Goal of the activity

The aim of this event is to distribute food to homeless people and raise awareness in Taksim with the Çorbada Tuzun Olsun Association.


We participated in the activity of distributing food to homeless people organized by the Çorbada Tuzun Olsun Association in Taksim. We packed the prepared food before distributing it. Then we attended the information meeting before distributing the food. If you do not attend this meeting, you will not be able to deliver food. At this meeting, we were told what we should and should not do. Then we split into groups and went to the food distribution areas where we had the opportunity to talk to people. They thanked us countless times.

Result of the activity

At the end of the event, we learned how many people actually live on the street, and at the same time, the reasons for living there are not just financial reasons, but psychological trams. At the same time, we worked in groups and added a plus to our awareness work.

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