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Castelo Branco
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Causes covered by this activity
Objective / Goal of the activity

The main goal was to start setting the discussion of youth as actors for the Sustainable Development Goals. With the different externals and as well tackling the field of communication, the participants were given different perspectives of the SDGs. Through the participation of the National Agency, they were able to understand for which SDGs Erasmus+ contributes, more specifically mobility in higher education. With the participation of SPEAK Portugal they were able to understand how this social company contributes to the agenda and their core activities. With JE Portugal they were able to understand the functioning of the organisation and how as youth we can become entrepreneurs and contribute for the SDGs with business. Finally, about the workshops happening in the event, the participants had the chance to assess their communication, in the individual and in the NGOs fields, and how important it is, a global citizen, to know the facts and communicate them, taking into account the side effects.


Glocal Conference and Training aims at training the volunteers of ESN and youth of Castelo Branco about the topic of Global Citizenship at the Local Level. The event took place in the Higher Education Institution of Castelo Branco. It was a one-day event which counted with various externals talking about Global Citizenship, such as the Portuguese National Agency Erasmus+ Education and Training, Junior Enterprises (JE) Portugal and SPEAK Portugal. Additionally, the event counted with workshops under the local phase of the Eduk8 Workplan 2019 with the topic of Media Literacy. The event was in English, because we had foreigners participating in the event, and free of charge.

Result of the activity

Through the organisation of Glocal Conference & Training, ESN Portugal capacitated the volunteers of our network in the Sustainable Development Goals and Media Literacy in a good learning environment for the participants. By inviting stakeholders to the event we were able to break our own bubble and give insights from different perspectives to the participants.  

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