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Objective / Goal of the activity

The objective of the Tandem is that the Erasmus and the people from Santander practice the languages they want, but this time, based in the different foods of the world, and por specific from Cantabria as the topic of the tandem.


Our tandem consisted of three partes:

First they played Bingo. They had to find someone who had eaten something of the list  (related to typicall foods from all over the world), but they couldn't repeat names. It's very difficult!

Sencondly, the main part of the tandem. We set different tables with different languages so they can choose what they want to practice. They talk in pairs for about 7 minutes and then they swap places. They loved it!

The third part consists on a Kahoot. We created a Food from Cantabria Kahoot with different facts about the food in our region and, individually or in groups, they had to guess the correct answers. It's always so much fun!

We gave little prizes (posters of Santander) to the winners of the Bingo and the Kahoot. We also had some snacks and drinks during the tandem.

Result of the activity

The number of participants in the Tandem was so high, that at some points it was difficult to manage such big amount of people, and to organize them in groups or for the games. But, apart from the chaos that there was sometimes, the result of the activity was amazing.

They enjoyed it very much and had a lot of fun. And what's more important, they learnt about Cantabria, met new people and practiced new langauges!

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