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Objective / Goal of the activity

Visit a shelter made for cats 🐈, learn the activities of the shelter, play with the cats and encourage the students to give donations to help the shelter with its work.


The shelter is a very small place, almost the size of a room with limited capacity. At one time we could only take 5 - 7 people to the shelter so we arranged for multiple hour-long visits. One of our members also volunteered at the shelter so she made all the arrangements. Getting the students to gather at a spot and taking them to the shelter, showing them around and speaking about the shelter, what difficulties they face, etc. The students were also given an introduction about what to do when dealing with cats.

Result of the activity

4 different visits were arranged and students in groups of 5 visited the shelter. The students got a chance to pet and play with the cats. Take some pictures with their new furry friends. Some of them also donated some amount to the shelter which was wonderful to see. 🙂

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