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Give the students a chance to unwind and relax in hot jacuzzis 🧖‍♂️🧖‍♀️ at a SPA before the exams hit them hard and try to bring them down.


We got in touch with Elamus 21+ Spa in Tallinn. They offered us a nice discount if we brought in more than 100 people. The entire SPA complex with different pools 🥽, hot jacuzzis and many different types of saunas ♨ was reserved only for the ESN event. The students also took part in some sauna rituals under the guidance of sauna masters (they work for the Spa).
We got in touch with “Responsible Party” who gave us a bunch of goodies to give away during the event. There were some fun games and quizzes arranged (related to the effects of drinking). Whoever gave correct answers would get a gift of their choosing. 🤩
There was a DJ and some snacks arranged so people can have a good time and enjoy the evening to the fullest. 😀

Result of the activity

As expected, this was a very popular event and many people participated in it. The Sauna rituals were fun and a major cause of excitement. The fact that there were multiple types of saunas meant that the place was never congested with too many people being at the same place. There was space for everyone. The music was good, the laughter was real 🤗 and overall it was one of the favourite events of the semester for a lot of students.

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