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Volunteering promoting the Erasmus+ program
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For the students who prefer to have a challenge and also for the ones who wish to have a calm event, we created a quiz night so people can get together and test their knowledge by answering fun, logical or general knowledge questions by working together in a team.


To make questions we used different topics ranging from sports, geography, pop culture to history, biology, music, etc.
The idea was to use the Kahoot app for the quiz and form teams of 4 or 5 people according to the total number of attendees. The venue had 3 different screens on which we could show the questions and people could answer them using their phones.. After every round people can see their scores which makes the event fun and competitive. At the end the scores are summed up and the ones with the highest scores win and get prizes.

Result of the activity

Based on previous experience, we prepared the event thinking that about 20-30 people would show up. On the day of the event 100+ people came. We were lucky that the venue was capable of accommodating all those people. We had over 25 teams and we had to ask people to only use one phone per team to connect to the WiFi because at one point people started losing connections. At the end we gave certificates and chocolates to the top 3 teams of the day.

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