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The aim of this event was to raise awareness and to bring closer italian students and European Institutions, making it easier to understand how European Institutions function and how crucial their role is in our society. We tried our best to collaborate with a number of institutions and to bring together functionaries that could be meaningful for our volunteers. 


After a stop caused by Covid, this year we brought back one of our most awaited events, “ESN Italy goes to Brussels”. The training event took place in Brussels and lasted three days: from the 27th to the 259h of June 2022. It involved 31 people coming from ESN Italy’s sections, selected by the National Board through ESN CVs and motivation letters, and was lead by the National President, the Education Officer and two Liaison Officers.
The event started with a visit to the European Parliament on the first day, followed by a visit to the Council of the European Union on the second day where we met Paola Caselli, Advisor to DG Transport, Energy, Environment and Education at the Council of the European Union that introduced us to the daily work of the Council . After that we moved to the ESN Office to meet the employees of the Secretariat and the International Board Member, as well to meet Maria Palladino Education expert at the Permanent representation of Italy to the EU and two Policy Officers of the DG EAC of the European Committe, in order to discuss about European politics but mainly about the actual implementation and future of the Erasmus+ and on how we, as ESN, can work closely to the institution in order to make mobility a reality for all. We close our second day in Brussels with workshops offered to us by the International Board of ESN AISBL, mainly about ongoing projects of the Secretariat and on how it feels like to be an International Board Members.
The event ended on the 29th with a guided visit of the Parlamentarium Brussels and a city tour kindly offered by a member of ESN Brussels.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Entrepreneurship & Career Development
Foster Active Citizenship & Volunteering
Foster Europe and European Citizenship
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