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It is a party organised by another association of ICHEC. It is the perfect occasion to meet other persons from the university and to discover students Belgian nightlife.


Dear Erasmus friends,

Do you want to go to a party organized INSIDE the school where you have courses ?? 🤔
Do you want to discover the definition of a party here at the school where you spend your erasmus semester/year ??🍺🍺😉

If you want it, go to this party called "D100" and this one is the "D100 Back2school" !🍺😄

This party is linked to another student's association called "CICHEC", and NOT linked to ESN and ESN ICHEC. ⚠️⚠️

You can buy the tickets at Anjou (at the cafet, where the food is sold) and at montgomery, every day until wednesday the 2nd of October between 10 am and 2 pm. The price of the pre-sale is 3€ and you can buy it at the entrance on the D-day for 5€.

There are more details on the event of the party.
Below, you can find the links of this event and the page of the Cichec.

See you ! 😄

Result of the activity

It is a nice evening but it was a bit difficult to stay all together during the party. At the end all the erasmus enjoyed the party and wanted to join for the next one.

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