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Gathering everyone one last time where people can get ESN Tallinn T-Shirts, put their signatures or messages on them, get their ESN diaries (a book of memories) and say their goodbyes.


We hoped everyone enjoyed their time in Tallinn, The times we had…❤️ all those awesome memories, and untold stories that started in Tallinn. We hoped they had the time of their life! 🤩😍
The amazing semester was coming to its end, so we wanted to have a proper goodbye and make the night count! 😉 People could buy a simple white T-Shirt with ESN Tallinn logo. They could then use markers and sign each others’ shirts or write whatever they wished, giving people some memories to look back to when they returned to their homes.
Almost a week before the event we released a Title Nomination form for the students to fill. Students could write the names of the Queen and the King of the Dance Floor👸🏻🤴🏻, Best Travel Buddy🌍, Estonian language master 🇪🇪, Funniest Personality🤪, Paparazzo🎥📸, Lovebirds💕 & Best Tutor🏆. Winners were announced during the party!⭐️
Another form was released about two weeks before the event. On it people could fill in their contact information and write their most memorable moments during the 6 months they were in Tallinn. 🤗 Answer a few questions like their favourite trip, describe their Eramus experience in one phrase, etc. These diaries were given for free to students who filled the diary form and for 5€ to people who didn’t.

Result of the activity

The venue was full, everyone loved the idea of signing T-Shirts and getting diaries with pictures and contact information. There were a lot of hugs 🤗, a lot of pictures 🤳 and a wonderful vibe throughout the night. This was a night to remember but also produced many more memories that people were only able to think but take with them when they left. 🙂

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