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Photo capturing one of the play's scenes
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Objective / Goal of the activity

The main objectives of this event was the creation of a multicultural space were European culture could be celebrated along with each regional culture.


The even consisted of an International Dinner, a theatrical performance and Erasmus students' presentations. Multiculturalism was celebrated through the enjoyment of the different traditional foods, which was followed by a play in the form of a musical, prepared by Erasmus students and ESN volunteers. After the play was finished, Erasmus students were able to share with all the participants in the event, traditional songs, dances, or facts from their countries. 

Result of the activity

Everyone who attended the event was able to enjoy the local cuisine and appreciate the play that Erasmus students together with ESN volunteers prepared. Moreover, participants were able to get a better insight into each individual culture and learn another country's traditional dance or song. Many of them also expressed the desire to join ESN Thessaloniki's drama team, in order to experience art in a multicultural environment.

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