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Teach a new type of photography skill to students


ESN Leiden is bringing you another Cyanotype  workshop! Our one and only photography club runner Douwe Baert will give a Cyanotype workshop for us! Cyanotype is an old, near-forgotten photography technique where you use sunlight to expose your photographs. Paper is coated with a chemical mixture sensitive to light, and when properly exposed to sunlight the paper turns blue. Whatever you choose to block the sunlight will remain white, and that's how you can take a 'picture' of your subject 

What we provide: Cyanotype chemicals , Equipment for coating your paper, Paper to take your 'photo' on 

What you need to bring: Old clothes that can get dirty/stained, Something to take a cyanotype 'photo' of: flowers, plants, objects that are special to you, etc: you can take a photo of anything, as long as it will fit on an A4 sheet of paper and will block a reasonable amount of sunlight. 

Keep in mind that cyanotype is not the same as modern photography: you will mostly be able to see the contours of your subject, so it's better to take something with a recognizable shape.

You can make your own cyanotype to take home! 

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