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Objective / Goal of the activity

The objective of the Tandem is that the Erasmus and the people from Santander practice the languages they want, and also, that they can learn the culture of their new city.


Our tandem consisted of three partes:

First they played Bingo. They had to find someone who had done something of the list  (it was about festivites of the world), but they couldn't repeat names. It's very difficult!

Sencondly, the main part of the tandem. We set different tables with different languages so they can choose what they want to practice. They talk in pairs for about 7 minutes and then they change. They loved it!

The third part consists on a Kahoot. We created a Spanish Carnival Kahoot with traditions from Spain and, individually or in groups, they had to guess the correct answers. It's always so much fun!

We gave little prizes to the winners of the Bingo and the Kahoot. And we also hadsome snacks and drinks during the tandem.

Result of the activity

Everyone was super happy and excited to learn about how we celebrate Carnival in Spain. They also loved trying our typical food and finding new friends. All the Erasmus left the place asking when we would do the next one.


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