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The sight is one of the 5 senses that we commonly use the most. Through sight we can do many things that are always taken for granted:
1. Moving freely in an environment, avoiding all the physical obstacles that we can encounter.
2. Interacting with others by unconsciously studying other physical features.
3. Eating, enjoying what we have been served, cause we all start eating with the eyes first

So, what happens when we lose our sight?

How can you orientate yourself? How can you socialize? How can you enjoy your food at 100%?
You refine your other senses: smell, taste, hear and touch.


To raise awareness of how blind people interact in the world around them, we decided to propose a "Test and guess" game.

We then also blindfolded some of our Erasmus students to try to enjoy the aperitif and move in the location with no sight.

Result of the activity

Erasmus could understand the main problems that I blind person can face in everyday life situations.

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