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Objective / Goal of the activity

The aim able to bring people with disabilities into society and to develop various motor skills by doing various activities with them.

As the scope of the project, our target audience is young people and individuals who are deaf and visually impaired. These areas are instructor education, social learning center for the disabled and awareness studies.

-To raise awareness of university students about the disabled

To improve the interpersonal communication skills of university students and enable them to communicate effectively with individuals with disabilities.

-Using the information they have learned throughout their lives as a result of the trainer training given to university students studying in different departments and providing social benefit

-Volunteer trainers to provide awareness training in various institutions as a result of their training.

-The spread of sign language

To raise individuals who can consciously socialize with people with disabilities



In this project, a volunteer team of 20 people will be provided with basic training (body language, sign language(32 lectures), first aid, psychological first aid, communication with the disabled, communication with the child, privacy training,children rights,disabled people rights,Introduction of morse code,discrimination and prejudice towards the disabled,working in the field,visual, auditory, kinesthetic learning and remembering

Self care) that will assist this team in communicating with people with disabilities:

Presentation Skills,Designing Creative Drama,Working with Team Spirit and Team,Education Design,Designing educational materials for the hearing impaired

,Designing educational materials for the visually impaired,Training Needs Analysis and Training Goals,Key Features of the Educator,Managing Difficult Participants,Preparing Training Booklet

Planning Educational Games,Techniques to Meet and Calm Angry Attitudes, Measure and Evaluate Educational Results, Applications and Examples This team includes the realization of the 'Barrier-Free Fest' and 'Barrier-Free Cafe' ,’ Providing sign language training to drivers working in the municipality,projects together after reaching a sufficient level.

This training will take four months.The above mentioned trainings will be given by the NGOs we cooperate with and our school teachers. These trainings will be provided by Turkish Red Crescent, Trauma Focused Psychosocial Support Team, Turkish Psychology Students Working Group Trainer Office, Adana Bar Association Disability Rights Commission and 2 sign language trainers. (MEB academy expert trainer training)

*Practitioner First Aid Training is given by Turkish Red Crescent. This training takes a total of 2 days. Thanks to this training, our volunteer instructors will learn the importance of first aid and how it is applied. And when they work with disabled people in the later parts of the project, they will be able to provide first aid in a professional way, which includes a moment of crisis.


Result of the activity

Various grant programs were applied. Interviews were made with the disabled unit and sponsorship unit of our school.An application form was opened to create a team with the volunteers and the letters of motivation received were evaluated.As a result of the evaluations, twenty people were elected to the team. Their motivations were taken into account.First of all, the trainings to be given to this team were decided. The trainers were interviewed, the dates were determined.Then, the team came together and held an orientation meeting. The team was ensured to mingle with each other.The trainings to be given to the team were announced, their opinions were received. It was decided to establish a sub-structure.One of these structures was decided to be one of the sponsors and the other one in the academic field.We start with Sign Language Lectures.Also,we have a agenda about trainings.It has still contiuned.


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