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Adobe Baby Steps Workshops
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Causes covered by this activity
Objective / Goal of the activity

Event Adoby Baby Steps had two main goals. Our intern tried to challenge himself and conduct his first workshops ever. What is more, we wanted to educate our students, as well as international students, in the field of graphic design.


At the very beginning of the event, the organizator explained some basic rules regarding the graphic design and presented some theory. On the previously prepared presentation, there were examples of graphics which the participants could create during the workshop. During the workshop, the organizator was showing on his portable computer (connected to the projector) steps, which the participants had to follow. At the end, everybody got a certificate confirming participation.

Result of the activity

Participants were very satisfied with the workshop. For most of them, it was their first contact with graphic design and they would like to take part in possible further workshops. As it comes to our organizator, he learnt a lot regarding conducting a training itself and working with an international group of people.

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