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The Work Plan is an annual grant supported by the European Youth Foundation, which is a fund established by the Council of Europe to provide financial and educational support for European youth activities.


In 2024, our Work Plan “Inclusivity for All, Now!, will allow us to focus on fostering gender equality and inclusion in youth organisations. We will aim to increase the capacity of young people and youth organisations to counter gender stereotypes and foster gender equality on the local, national and international levels. It will empower ESN volunteers and other young people, in particular, international students and youth in Europe to focus on implementing a gender dimension in all activities and projects they take part in. 







Latest activities


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Kallithea , GR

The goal was to introduce the Erasmus students to one of the

ESN AUA Athens and 2 other organisations

Social Inclusion

Cover title we used to advertise the event

Cosenza , IT

The main goal was to be together and spend a different

ESN Cosenza

Project donor: European Youth Foundation