International mobility has a costly impact on the environment due to frequent travelling. ESN aims at reducing this impact by organising greener activities and by raising awareness among international students.


Environmental Sustainability

Students with electronic devices

Environmental Sustainability week

25/05/2020 - 31/05/2020


No meat week challenge (sharing recipes every day of the week and online cooking show), tips on being sustainable, tips to repurpose trash, gardening tips, general tips on being more sustainable,

ESN Breda


Environmental Sustainability

#GreenMonth #EnvironmentalSustainability


01/05/2020 - 31/05/2020

The activity was created by ESN Italy. During the month the goal was to promote activities, within the #greenmonth, regarding environmental sustainability.  

ESN Florentia and 1 other organisation


Environmental Sustainability

Screenshot of an Instagram story for the Green Month campaign

Green Month

01/05/2020 - 31/05/2020


The goal was to promote the main campaign organized by ESN Italy (a national campaign to raise awareness among students about environmental issues and how to tackle them), adapting it to our local reality so to be more effective and felt less distant from the international students and the local community's everyday life.

ESN Foggia

Environmental Sustainability

Image of a compostable cup

Retake Roma


Rome, IT

Our goal was to raise awareness on quality, livebility and urban décor of Rome, improving the beauty of the city.  la qualità, la vivibilità e il decoro urbano di Roma, mantenendo e migliorando la sua bellezza in un percorso di collaborazione tra cittadini, operatori economici e istituzioni, nella cornice del principio di sussidiarietà 

ESN Roma Tre


Environmental Sustainability

Students with electronic devices

Download Ecosia App!

26/05/2020 - 31/05/2020

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The goal of this event was to advertise the app ECOSIA - - Ecosia is an alternative browser which uses its profits to plant trees in area where they are needed. So we invited our Erasmus students to download it.

ESN Teramo

Environmental Sustainability

Image of a compostable cup

A green planet is a clean planet


Cefalù, IT

In coperation with WWF, we organized a social event, in which the envolved people cleaned the quay of the Port of Cefalù. The objective, albeit simple, was achieved in the few hours of the event and, despite the low affluence of Erasmus, due to Covid, the few present showed a great interest and participation. 

ESN Palermo and 1 other organisation

Environmental Sustainability

ESN-Florentia for #greenpower



Firenze, IT

Taking our International students to a walk around the city of Florence, with particular attention to the Arno. The goal of the activity was to clean up the streets

ESN Florentia

Social Inclusion

Human Library cover

Human Library


Lisboa, PT

The Human Library event has three main aims and objectives. The first one is to promote discussion in topics that aren’t common or even taboo in our society. In this event, he had the chance to hear about issues related to transsexuality and solo parenting, two topics that still face discrimination in our society. The second goal is related to social inclusion. By addressing these sensitive subjects, we expect that our participants became more aware of these situations and promote a more inclusive message in our society. The final objective is to provide information to our audience. Like I previously stated, the majority of these topics are difficult situations in our society. Due so, we asked experts in these areas to highlight us with their knowledge.

ESN Lisboa


Environmental Sustainability

Students with electronic devices

Tree adoption



The campaign had the goal of raising money to buy a tree. We bought larch that is going to be planted in Sappada, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.

ESN Udine