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Volunteering promoting the Erasmus+ program
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Novi Sad
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To check their knowledge of Serbian history and facts and after that, they had a chance to play games.


Hey, guys! Another fun night planned out just for you!

Let us invite you to the incredibly notorious, extraordinarily original and unpredictable quiz about Serbia (okay, maybe that's too many adjectives but it's going to be reaaaaally good, promise!) and of course, some games like billiard and darts.

Have you ever heard about lakes on whose surface islands float? Well, Serbia has those!
You'll be able to find out so many interesting facts about this country and show what you already know.
Brand new pub that we chose is waiting for you, lots of space, great atmosphere and not one but four billiard tables!

Impressed or interested yet?
Let me try again...

How do you confuse a Serbian?
Well, come to the event and I'll reveal the punchline. 😉

Bring friends and buddies so we can come up with some new Serbian jokes together!

Result of the activity

Got a lot of fun with students.

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