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Objective / Goal of the activity

The aim of the event was to give all the necessary informations for the future outgoing students of the Erasmus+ project.


The university organised all the day and we, as ESN Macerata, partecipated at the event in the afternoon talking about our story, our porpouses as ESNer and our Erasmus experiences to all the students. The students asks all the possible questions about, for examples, ethnic foods, strange lifestyles, foreign universities...

Before us university's professors and the Internacional Relations Office explained all the burocratics process of the project and how to apply at the Erasmus call.

Result of the activity

As results the event increase the awarennes of the Erasmus+ project and of the Erasmus Student Network. 

Also at the end of the day the participants were more motivated and convinced to partecipate and be part of the Erasmus Generations.

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