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The main goal was to recognise and promote international volunteering experiences and their impact, as well as familiarise both new volunteers and external youth with the ESN journey. 

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21/08/2020 - 22/08/2020

Potenza, IT

The MUSICA SENZA ETICHETTA project aims to promote the cultural and artistic growth of enterprising young people of all nationalities with the aim of becoming more and more rooted in the city and in the social and cultural context of the region. The project includes, as the main part, a musical contest that rewards the best unreleased song of the participants; the prize is the recording of the song and the recording of a video clip of the same. Alongside the music contest, a city bike tour was added with various cultural stops along the way to reconcile the importance of sustainable mobility with culture. The social part was also important with the collection of food to donate to the most needy of the city, a way to raise awareness of the theme of solidarity.

ESN Sui-Generis Basilicata

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A green planet is a clean planet


Cefalù, IT

In coperation with WWF, we organized a social event, in which the envolved people cleaned the quay of the Port of Cefalù. The objective, albeit simple, was achieved in the few hours of the event and, despite the low affluence of Erasmus, due to Covid, the few present showed a great interest and participation. 

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Il tuo Erasmus con ESN

Il tuo Erasmus con ESN

01/07/2020 - 15/07/2020

Write an essay with innovative ideas and boosting actions to improve the academic world and international mobility.

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Talks with Alumni


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The main purpose of this activity was to bond the former and current members of the section. Take the first step in this area after many years. The subgoals of this were to promote the function of the sections alumni community as a source of knowledge and experience usable for any sections members and to make it clear that the section cares and values its former members (to pay attention to the and include them should they desire it in the organization). The specific goal of the event from a structural point of view was to make an hour-long video meeting where part of the meeting would be structured and part of it freestyle (open questions). The goal from the content point of view was to enable the alumni involved to share their experiences from their ESN career with other members such as ESN national and local events or others.