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Intercultural Dialogue

Intercultural Dialogue



The main objectives of the training were to create a basic knowledge of the broad topic concerning cultural heritage, to stimulate curiosity about it through an interactive webinar and to give a hint to the other sections in order for them to be able to perform similar webinars. Another aim is to provide the tools to understand how differences can foster intercultural dialogue by means of concrete examples taken from existing European realities.The webinar’s focus was cultural diversity as an asset as well as a resource for personal and social development. It also offered practical techniques that can be implemented in international contexts to foster interaction between different cultures without generating misunderstandings, but rather by fostering dialogue and adaptation.

ESN Pisa


Social Inclusion

ESN-Florentia for #Blacklivesmatter



During this year, we had to face very hard times due to the pandemic that completely affected our lives. We couldn' stay with the ones that we loved, we couldn't enjoy hanging out and everything just stopped for months. No skin colour was important. No economical situation was relevant. No culture was privileged. We were all united by one unique goal: to protect ourselves and our loved ones. But as we started to leave the quarantine, differences seemed to come back. We are sure that all of you know what has been happening in the USA, regarding black lives. Violence, discrimination and racism were coming all back again. Again, in these hard times of ours, that needed us to become all united, all a whole. We believe all lives matter since we are all humans.

ESN Florentia


Social Inclusion

One place of our tour

Memorial Tour ( for the victims of mafia)


zoom & youtube streaming

the aim of the memory tour is to introduce mobile students to the places in the city of palermo that have been the scene of heinous mafia crimes. Retracing certain stages, remembering the victims, paying homage to the sacrifice of the people who fought for the freedom of others is one of the most important tools to hand down the culture of legality and common sense so that certain mistakes are no longer made. The day of the memorial tour organized by our section coincides with the day of the commemoration of the victims of the mafia, a national celebration that also has the task of paying homage, on the day of the massacre of Capaci when Judge Giovanni Falcone, his wife and his escort died, to all the victims of the mafia and to remember that the commitment of us citizens lasts 365 days a year and not just one day a year.

ESN Palermo


Social Inclusion

Students with electronic devices

Movie Night - ESN Modena against omophobia


Netflix Party

The goal of the activity was to raise awareness of the discrimination towards the LGBT community. With this aim, we firstly promoted an awareness campaign on our social media, inviting then our Erasmus to join the section in a movie night (shared via Netflix Party) on the topic. We displayed "Call me by your name".

ESN Modena