Social Inclusion

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World Autism Awareness Day



#WorldAutismAwarenessDay highlights the need to improve the life quality of people with autism, so that they can lead full and meaningful lives as an integral part of our society. ESN Padova involved Erasmus students, to help raising Autism awareness together.

ESN Padova


Social Inclusion

ESN Deggendorf Werewolf

Werewolf (aka. Mafia)


Google Meets

Bring exchange students both still in Deggendorf and the returners together with the rest of the students of THD, as well as reconnecting exchange alumnis with their peers, in addition to introducing ESNers from all over Europe to our rich body of students.

ESN Deggendorf


The classroom watching the video of Michael from Ireland

World Without Borders by ESN Santander

23/01/2020 - 10/03/2020

Torrelavega, ES

The purpose of this activity is to provide Spanish students with opportunities to interact with international students while sharing their own culture and experiences.  They meet, talk, and discuss current topics in order to know the differences between countries.  

ESN Santander

Social Inclusion

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Con El Mismo Pincel: Fundación CUIN


Liencres, ES

Dar a conocer a los chicos con discapacidad intelectual que forman parte de la Fundación CUIN (Centro de ayuda y protección de la infancia) la cultura y forma de vida de tres estudiantes internacionales residiendo en Santander a partir de un intercambio cultural. Esta actividad se enmarca dentro del Proyecto a Largo Plazo: “Con el mismo pincel”

ESN Santander

Health & Well-being

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Heraklion, GR

The aim is to raise awareness about mental health , blood donation and learn useful tips about bone marrow and  its importance. Knowing is the ultimate power against the obstacles of the world , it's better to be informed , to control and know the best of yourself.

ESN UOC and 1 other organisation


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Blind Friendship


Tomar, PT

The main goal of this event is to give the chance to exchange students to break the ice and get out of their comfort zone in order to interact more and expand their social life.

ESN Tomar

Social Inclusion

Kids doing an activity in a school

Rainbow Café


Badajoz, ES

Raise awareness about the situation and rights of the lgtb collective  


Social Inclusion

Intergenerational cooking

Intergenerational cooking/ ESN Besançon


Besançon, FR

Share recipes from the world,  Cooking together,  Get to know each other and share experiences,  Break solitude of elderly,  Practice french with natives. 

ESN Besançon