Health & Well-being

Young people celebrating after a match

Sport Day ESN Maleventum


Benevento, IT

The goal of the activity was to spend a different day with our erasmus students playing one of the most popular sport: soccer.

ESN Maleventum

Environmental Sustainability


BBQ Day with GEG


Genova, IT

The BBQ of the GEG is one of the flagship events of our association, the last big event of the welcome week, it allows you to get to know Erasmus and make new friends

ESN GEG Genova

Health & Well-being

Young people celebrating after a match

Volleyball Tournament by ESN Bergamo


Bergamo, IT

Organized during the Welcome Days for the second semester, the activity aimed at welcoming the foreign students by playing together a volleyball tournament.  By teaming and competing, this tournament was the perfect chance to make a first and significant contact between Esners and foreign students, starting to build a friendly connection that often lasts all the semester.  Considered that it promotes sports and physical activity, this event can be connected to the Health & Well-Being aim.

ESN Bergamo

Health & Well-being

Young people celebrating after a match

Volleyball & Football by ESN Coimbra


Coimbra, PT

This tournament was organized with two main goals in mind: first, it would be an activity to foster new friendships between the participants; second, it aimed to promote sports and physical activity as an important part of their exchange program. 

ESN Coimbra

Health & Well-being

Texts reads "Yoga and meditation session" on a blue background with ESN logos.

Yoga and Meditation Session with ESN UofG


Glasgow, GB

ESN UofG partnered with the university's Bhakti Yoga society to host a session of yoga and meditation as part of ESN international's Health & Well-Being week. The purpose was to provide a free way for students to exercise as part of a group, and for them to become aware of the benefits of meditation and regular exercise for their mental health. 


Health & Well-being

ESN Torino - Snow trip

Snow trip - Bardonecchia


Bardonecchia, Torino, IT

Our goal for this activity was to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle allowing our Erasmus friends to get to know a new place and each other.

ESN Torino

Health & Well-being

Hitball - Welcome Week 1

Hitball Welcome Week 1


Torino, IT

Promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle during our first Welcome Week of February 2020 letting the Erasmus students and ESNers that are not from Turin to discover a sport that was born in our city: Hitball.

ESN Torino