Education & Youth

Volunteering promoting the Erasmus+ program

Conference on International Inclusive Mobility with ESN Granada


Granada, ES

The aim of this talk is to promote international mobility among international students, but especially among those with disabilities. We seek to raise awareness and bring the means and aids closer to people with disabilities so that they can enjoy an opportunity for international mobility.

ESN Granada

Health & Well-being

Young people celebrating after a match

Food Collection


Badajoz, ES

Helping a national organisation: Banco de Alimentos, who organizes a food collection twice a year.


Social Inclusion

Travelling with the Eurotrain

Travelling with the Eurotrain


Ιωάννινα, GR

To inform the students about their opportunities with the Erasmus program and the importance of mobility in our lives. To explain how important it is for cultural differences to exist and to make the students more open minded towards them.

ESN Ioannina


Ice-breaking activities

Ice-breaking activities


Nitra, SK

The main goal was to put all international students together, enhance their team spirit and break the ice between them in a creative way.

ESN SUA and 1 other organisation

Social Inclusion

social inclusion quiz

Social inclusion Quiz night


Volos, GR

The purpose of this activity was for children to learn about the importance of social inclusion nowadays and also some main facts about people with disabilities that they didn't know before.