Health & Well-being

Students with electronic devices


20/03/2020 - 24/03/2020

Google Hangouts Meet

The goal of our activity is making quarantine fun and productive together. As ESN Akdeniz we wanted to touch our causes as we could do as.We tried to maintain our mental health. Our workshop which is about dealing with stress was made by our student whose profession is psychology. Thanks to our online workshops, our Erasmus students did not feel alone and we all felt like we were still connected. 



Social Inclusion

Students with electronic devices

Movie Night - ESN Modena against omophobia


Netflix Party

The goal of the activity was to raise awareness of the discrimination towards the LGBT community. With this aim, we firstly promoted an awareness campaign on our social media, inviting then our Erasmus to join the section in a movie night (shared via Netflix Party) on the topic. We displayed "Call me by your name".

ESN Modena

Education & Youth

ESN Torino - Erasmus in Schools (EiS) - Santorre - 19/2

Erasmus in Schools (EiS) at Santorre di Santarosa High School


Torino, IT

The aim of the activity was to put in contact the Erasmus students with pupils from high school; doing so we want to highlight the benefits of carrying out part of the studies abroad, contribute to the development of intercultural competences, spread the idea of ​​an innovative type of learning based on direct contact with different realities, making young people aware of European diversity as a resource to take advantage of and prevent xenophobia.

ESN Torino